Great sound shouldn't hurt.

Midnight Legend

The band's Soundcraft digital mixing console delivers exceptionally clean sound.

Midnight Legend
Sound System

Midnight Legend uses only high quality sound equipment, including digital mixing and a 4,000-watt speaker system.


Great sound at reasonable volume requires expertise and the right equipment. Midnight Legend runs the entire band though the sound system (as opposed to every musician using their own amps for house sound). This makes it possible to control the sound of every element, including drums, as part of the house mix.

The digital system can be controlled from on-stage, or from anywhere in the house via wireless remote control.

Partial Equipment List

Mixer: Souncraft Expression 20-channel digital mixer

Speakers: (2) QSC 18" subwoofers, (2) QSC 12" mains

Amplification: Integrated with speakers, total 4,000 watts

House EQ: dbx automatic room sensing, EQ and feedback control

Stage Monitors: QSC wedges and Sennheiser wireless in-ear monitors